Growing Wedding Cake Strain Indoors

Indoor Wedding Cake will finish in about 9 weeks and can reach around 500600gm² while outdoor it will finish around October. Effects of wedding cake strain.

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When grown properly indoors Wedding Cake will yield approximately sixteen ounces per meter squared.

Growing wedding cake strain indoors. The indoor yield is approximately 18-21 ounces per square meter. Seed Junkys Wedding Cake iswas never available as feminized seedsWedding Cake is a clone only phenotype of the Triangle. The best yield plan is to grow indoors with 600w HID lighting.

Thick resin covered buds and an awesome aroma and buzz makes this a great beginner growing strain. Wedding Cake Type. Thick resin covered buds and an awesome aroma and buzz makes this a great beginner growing strain.

But despite its deceiving name the wedding cake strain is super potent with thc levels around 27. The flowering time is believed to be around 7-9 weeks. Within 17 weeks you can harvest 130 grams of brand new Wedding Cake weed per plant if you are growing weed indoors.

Wedding Cake Strain Seeds. Wedding cakes ancestry suggests that it grows well indoors and it is best if you use soil as the growing medium. This strain offers an average yield.

In this grow report we will show you the results of our super strong and easy to grow Wedding Cake in a small grow room. The high it provides is best described as euphoric inspiring an. Our Wedding Cake Auto seeds Strain can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Wedding Cake is a hybrid of 60 cannabis indica and 40 cannabis sativa. Wedding Cake is a great strain to smoke and a great strain to grow. Wedding Cake weed plants will flower in approximately 7 through to 9 weeks.

The Wedding Cake strain yield is 400-500 grams average of cannabis flowers per plant. It still needs temperatures that hover around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and it still needs a touch of humidity as well. The high yield sweet taste.

Wedding cake strain grow info. This plant does great indoors or outside but the small stature of the plant allows for a good harvest indoors too. WEDDING CAKEs eight-week flowering period means you could get your hands on her beckoning blossoms in super-fast time.

THC levels can be as high as 25. It responds very well to pruning and forms new shoots at full speed so it will fill the entire net in a very short time. Wedding cake has garnered a reputation for being a particularly tricky strain to grow.

Wedding Cake is not the easiest strain to grow but growers with a moderate level of experience shouldnt find it too hard to get good yields from the strain. Growing Wedding Cake weed is not difficult. Wedding Cake can be grown both indoors and outdoors as it is a very accepting cannabis variety that can be relished by both newcomers and expert growers.

Management-Pruning is important when cultivating the wedding cake strain. It shortens the vegetative phase without sacrificing yields. When grown outside Wedding Cake will finish between September through October.

The ideal climate will be similar to the Cherry Pie strain which will be warm and slightly humid. The Wedding Cake strain flowering time is average. This plant does great indoors or outside but the.

Set your fan and exhaust system to allow a bit of humidity in the air. Those that wish to take their plants outdoors can grow Wedding Cake too. When grown indoors or in a greenhouse the plants can yield up to 600grams per square meter and up to 150grams per plant when grown outdoors.

The Wedding Cake strain is known for being particularly potent with the average THC content being up to 25. It is a combination of the legendary Triangle Kush mother to an Animal Mints male. Growers should keep in mind that Wedding Cake has dense foliage so the leaves need to be pruned to prevent mold from growing in the trapped moisture.

It flowers in 9 10 weeks. Seed Junkys Wedding Cake iswas never available as feminized seeds. Wedding Cake is a popular strain choice for both intermediate and advanced growers.

If youre an indoor grower keep the temperature at the comfortable 70F for yields as high as 2 ounces per square foot. Both strains used to create wedding cake come from a landrace. Marijuana seeds can be grown indoors and outdoors having a flowering period of 7-9 weeks and an outdoor harvest time of mid October.

Similar to its parent plants it will grow to be a short to medium height strain. Flowering time will be anywhere between 7 and 9 weeks with a yield of 18 to 21 ounces for every square meter. Wedding Cake weed strain can grow indoors as well in which case humidifiers should be adjusted appropriately.

It develops dense foliage which grows thicker with more buds and leaves. It typically blossoms around the 9-week mark with pink and purple fluffy buds popping up to greet you. Wedding Cake is a clone only phenotype of the Triangle Mints line by Seed Junky Genetics.

Wedding Cake Auto Autoflower Grow Tips. The Wedding cake flowering time is around two months. A good ventilation system is important to help with air circulation in your growing area when grown indoors.

Wedding Cakes ancestry suggests that it grows well indoors and it is best if you use soil as the growing medium. With a whopping 24 THC will make you feel like you are on your honeymoon again. This strain can be grown indoors and outdoors.

Wedding Cake growing info. Growing marijuana indoors yields eighteen ounces per square meter with an. Wedding Cake by Seed Junky Genetics.

The nickname Wedding Cake was originally given to the hybrid by the Jungle Boys because of its unmistakable vanilla cake. Wedding Cake aka Pink Cookies or Triangle Mints 23 is a mostly indica variety from Seed Junky and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. It depends mainly on.

In indoor the ideal option is to make a SCROG SCreen Of Green because the structure of the plant and its speed of development invite to choose this method. The appearance of Wedding Cake flowers may vary. Wedding Cake is not the easiest plant to grow and is not recommended for first time growers.

You can expect a flowering time of 7-9 weeks. This method takes advantage of Wedding Cakes stoutness and maximizes small growing spaces by sowing at least four seeds in a single square meter then coaxing a single bud as it grows. Indoor yields can be as much as 18 ounces per square foot and you may get 21 ounces per plant outdoors.

A skillful air-conditioning system will also help the air circulation in the growing area. Grown indoors wedding cake plants can yield up to 16 ounces per meter squared. You can expect solid monster yields of around 650gm2 indoor and up to 2kg outdoor.

Pruning is essential when cultivating Wedding Cake. It has an earthy scent but its flavors are sweet resembling vanilla in most cases.

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